About us

A pioneer of precast for over 4 decades.

Creagh are one of the UK’s largest producers of concrete products for a diverse range of market sectors.

We have manufacturing facilities and offices in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England ensuring we are able to deliver quality of service and meet increasing demands for our customers.

Creagh is leading the market with innovation in precast concrete with Rapidres, our offsite fastrack build system and Spantherm, our thermally efficient flooring units. We are changing the way people think about concrete and continue to provide new solutions across the construction industry.

Driven by our principles and fuelled by passion, Creagh is committed to quality and excellence. We strive to maintain the highest standards in all our endeavours.

Creagh Concrete
Creagh Concrete


Creagh are very aware of the environmental impacts of our Products & Activities. We have developed our Roadmap to Net Zero, which through Strategy & Innovation we will mitigate and eliminate our Carbon emissions

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    Every facility manufacturing our products operates to the same best-in-class quality standards with common processes and management. All have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification of our manufacturing and environmental standards. This means that our products and services are safe, reliable and offer world-class quality.


    Creagh isn’t just a product provider, we provide a service that begins with building a relationship with our customers, which allows us to provide a custom tailored experience from initial design consultation to project completion and beyond. Your scheme couldn’t be in more experienced hands.

    We maintain this approach with all our interactions including sub-contractors and suppliers. These relationships are key to our business and our approach to working together to deliver successful projects.

    We also provide a comprehensive technical support service providing efficient detailed advice and on-site support.

    When your requirements are more challenging than normal specifications, our team will deliver a bespoke solution to meet your needs on a project-by-project basis.

  • Creagh Values

    Strive to provide total customer satisfaction at all levels of our business.

    Act with integrity, honesty and regard for others.

    Provide you with relevant, insightful information based upon our years of experience.

    Deliver our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results.

    Genuine in our approach to delivering innovative, durable, cost effective solutions for our customers.

    Professional technical support, before, during and after your construction project.

  • Customer Charter

    Service and product excellence

    Our customers have always been at the heart of our business and we committed to delivering an unrivalled service. Our customer charter details the standards we aim to provide to all our clients and makes six promises about the way we will conduct our business.

    Our promise to you.

    We will:
    • Remain committed to manufacturing innovative, high quality products to meet your requirements
    • Strive to provide total customer satisfaction at all levels of our business
    • Treat you with dignity and respect
    • Act promptly and courteously to help you
    • Continually review our processes, products and service to ensure excellence
    • Be professional and positive in our approach

    In return we ask that you:

    • Provide us with the information we need to help you
    • Treat our staff with respect and be courteous
    • Provide us with open and honest feedback to allow us to improve our service to you

    Whenever you contact us, we want to make sure you receive the highest level of service and ensure you are completely satisfied when the project is complete.

    Call 028 796 50500 now to book a consultation, or click here to email

  • Health and safety

    Safety is our first priority at every stage throughout our projects.

    At Creagh, we take safety very seriously and recognise our responsibilities under current health and safety legislation to provide as safe a place of work as is reasonably practicable. We acknowledge our moral responsibilities to take reasonable care of all our employees and we are constantly striving to improve the environment in which we operate.

    Safety at Creagh is driven through compliance derived from policy and procedures. We work with the health and safety executive to develop and implement progressive standards that will control risk, prevent accidents and ensure safety for all.

    The following video shows the health and safety precautions taken when on a building site.

    Click here to download and read our full health and safety policy.