Bespoke Concrete Solutions

We manufacture a wide range of high quality, bespoke concrete products individually tailored to suit your project requirements.

Our engineering and design team has immense knowledge and experience creating bespoke items.

Creagh’s specialty is in the creation of bespoke products, so if your requirements are challenging, we will find a solution.

Besides our ability to create a solution to the most challenging building specifications, we can also create concrete in a vast range of artistic styles and shapes.

We can also produce graphic concrete, which allows you to use concrete in new and stylish ways such as creating 3D text or textured images. We can create moulded sculptures as cladding, or concrete art, etc. You can select one of our designs or, alternatively, develop your own design.  The technology is a proven concept within the precast concrete industry and a vast range of designs are possible for public, commercial or industrial sectors.

Need help with your project?

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Mark Gilliland

Structures Sales Director
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Bernard Graham

Sales Estimator
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Murat Hesapcioglu

Sales Estimator