Cladding Panels

"Creagh’s collaboration helped us communicate the product to our client. And at the end of the project, we were on a path to delivering a high quality, high performing, zero defect approach." - Rudi Moore, Farrans Construction

Creagh manufacture architectural precast concrete cladding in a range of finishes and colours to suit any application.

Quality of finish and speed of installation make it an excellent choice for an external facade. The panels can be manufactured as single skin or sandwich wall construction and utilised as part of a structural precast frame or as a cladding panel onto a steel or in situ concrete frame. Its weight is supported by the frame of the building and used both for new buildings and renovations. It is reliable and durable with low maintenance.

We provide a wide range of external finishes that can match virtually any other build type. These now include a versatile range of finishes including smooth, etched, patterned and even printed concrete. Any brick or brickslip can be cast in, dual brick faces can be cut in half, reducing the quantity required.

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Our Cladding panels have a 2 hour fire rating, comply with Part L building regulations and are A1 rated. Due to the nature of our concrete and the design of our panels, thermal performance is improved to any building our units are installed to, which vastly increases the buildings energy efficiency.

We now use a CEM II-A-L cement replacement which has significant reduction in embodied carbon, helping us further achieve our sustainability goals.


  • Energy efficient
  • Fire resistant
  • Reduction of waste
  • Acoustic benefits
  • Reduced on-site labour costs
  • Quicker building weather tightness
  • Fully integrated structure/skin system
  • Load bearing wall panels provide both structural support and external finish
  • No scaffolding or mastclimbers are required
  • Factory manufacturing process offers increased quality control
  • Little or no on-site waste
  • Reduced carbon in all our precast units

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