Coffered / Vaulted Slabs

We manufacture high quality precast concrete coffer ceiling units.

The exposed precast ceilings provide an attractive architectural look to the interior of the building and are typically used for offices, airports, libraries and other high specification buildings.

Our slab units offer great thermal performance by absorbing internal heat gains helping to prevent overheating and ensuring a more stable internal temperature. Pipes can also be cast into the units to more directly control the temperature of the building.

Although we have a range of units in varying designs, we can also manufacture bespoke units to suit different profiles and shapes. Our Coffered ceiling units are the best way to dress up a new build and include a lot of functionality.


  • Site operations simplified and ‘wet trades’ reduced
  • Reduction in site formwork and propping
  • Standardisation of design details
  • Manufactured under factory controlled conditions from high quality moulds
  • The concrete’s thermal mass can be utilised to improve the energy efficiency of the building
  • Excellent sound reduction
  • Fire resistant up to 2 hours
  • Low maintenance and high quality finish
  • Long term durability

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