Rapidcore – Component Cores

"We chose Creagh for this development for the primary benefit of speed. In the space of a fortnight, we’ve gone from nothing, to having the essence of our super structure in place." - Adrian Gallagher, Wilson Developments

Rapidcore lift and stair cores are manufactured offsite in bespoke moulds.

They are installed quickly and efficiently by our specialist installation teams. Creagh can design/ manufacture the capping slabs with all temporary and permanent anchors cast in. Rapidcore can also be designed as shear walls to provide lateral stability or as an efficient replacement for blockwork or in situ concrete.

Our component cores have the distinct advantage of being able to take any shape. If your project needs an L shaped core, or another odd shape, or just needs to be larger than a box core to support multiple elevators and stairs, then our components core is the right product for your project.

Creagh Concrete


  • Reduced on-site construction time (50% +)
  • Can be integrated with steel frame structure, in-situ concrete structure or as part of an overall precast frame build
  • Can be integrated with lightweight forms of construction as an efficient fire proof solution
  • Fire proof by design
  • Improved Health & Safety, reduces risk on-site
  • Effectively installed in congested sites
  • Reduced construction noise on-site
  • Stairs & landings installed as core progresses allowing safe access to adjoining floor levels

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