About Our Education Construction Projects

Creagh’s Education Projects specialises in supplying the education sector with a comprehensive range of offsite concrete products tailored for school, academy, and university projects.


Leveraging Creagh’s fast-track advantages in offsite build systems and precast components, we ensure timely delivery for time-sensitive education schemes.

Precast Components include:

  • Spantherm ground floor
  • Beams & Columns
  • Stairs & Landings
  • Hollowcore floors
  • Internal Crosswall
  • Sandwich panels
  • External cladding


Image of a Creagh Concrete project

Concrete’s innate qualities make it an ideal choice for educational facilities, with its renowned durability offering significant savings in repair and maintenance costs. Additionally, concrete’s thermal mass provides a sustainable solution to overheating, thereby reducing associated cooling expenses and contributing to long-term savings.

Our diverse range of external finishes grants unparalleled design flexibility, surpassing alternatives in offsite building systems. Features like solid floors and insulated walls not only enhance acoustic properties but also bolster fire safety measures in buildings.

Our technical team offers budget estimates, ensuring cost certainty for educational projects. Our seasoned engineers meticulously design and detail every aspect of the building. Creagh’s highly skilled production teams fabricate all components off-site, while our experienced site teams handle the installation of the entire structure.

Specifically, our Rapidres Fastrack Build System is uniquely suited for university halls and other living accommodations, ensuring efficient construction without compromising quality.

Need help with your project?

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Bernard Graham

Sales Estimator
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Structures Sales Director
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Sales Estimator