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Follow our comprehensive, step-by-step guide below for ordering our precast flooring products.

Our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience from your initial inquiry and consultation to the final delivery and installation, tailored to your requirements.

Our experienced technical team at Creagh is readily available to advise on the most efficient structural flooring and stair solutions for your project. See our specialist’s contact details below.

Estimating and Engineering
Utilising your architects’ and engineering plans, our expert team will craft an exact specification for your project. We provide the most efficient structural and thermal solutions for homes.

Creagh Concrete

Upon receipt of your order, our committed team of thermal and structural engineers will furnish unique working drawings tailored to your scheme. Leveraging cutting-edge technology such as AutoCAD and BIM modelling, we meticulously detail spans, loadings, service opening positions, and other technical aspects. Additionally, our thermal engineers offer project-specific thermal models and calculations for SAP assessment.

Prior to production, working drawings are issued for your approval.

Delivery & Installation
Creagh’s innovative Hi-ab delivery service revolutionizes the flooring fitting process, boasting unprecedented efficiency and convenience. Employing state-of-the-art Hi-ab lorries, our service ensures flawless transportation and precise placement of flooring components directly to your designated location. This streamlined approach optimises workflow, reducing program times significantly. Moreover, it mitigates the risk of damage during transit, guaranteeing a seamless installation experience for our valued customers.

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    Creagh offers a supply-only option for clients who possess the necessary labour and time to handle the installation themselves. Our preconstruction and construction teams are available to offer guidance and on-site training to ensure accurate placement of all components. Additionally, comprehensive installation guides can be downloaded from our resources section for further assistance.


    Creagh’s groundbreaking Hi-ab delivery service redefines the flooring fitting process with unprecedented efficiency and convenience, significantly reducing program times.

    Creagh’s service harnesses cutting-edge technology and adept logistics to streamline both the delivery and installation of flooring materials. Through the utilisation of state-of-the-art Hi-ab lorries, they ensure flawless transportation and precise placement of flooring components directly to the designated location, thus minimizing handling time and optimizing overall workflow.

    This forward-thinking approach not only boosts productivity but also mitigates the risk of damage during transit, ensuring a seamless flooring installation experience for our customers.

    Recognising the limitations imposed by confined spaces and demanding landscapes, Creagh strategically employs mobile cranes, leveraging their agility and versatility to navigate through restricted areas with ease. Through meticulous planning and execution, Creagh demonstrates a commitment to innovative solutions that propel construction projects forward with precision and reliability.

    Creagh’s unwavering dedication to innovation establishes a new benchmark within the industry, delivering a solution that is both practical and at the forefront of technological advancement.


    We provide a comprehensive solution for in-situ concrete and grouting services, covering all aspects required for the progressive collapse/disproportionate collapse specifications of a class 2B building.

    This encompasses supplying and installing loose rebar, constructing necessary formwork such as column shuttering, pouring in-situ concrete, and ensuring a refined finish on exposed surfaces.

    Our offering remains consistent whether Creagh installs the PCC planks or if they’re installed by other parties.

    Additionally, our design team can provide value-engineered solutions that eliminate the need for onsite welding and costly temporary structures. We also offer galvanized edge trim that can be extended to serve as a shutter for structural toppings and screeds.

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