About Our Industrial Ground Floors

Our services encompass a wide array of offerings for all types of floors.

Experience the excellence of Creagh’s Industrial Ground Floors Package.

We offer a comprehensive design and build solution tailored to all industrial flooring needs. Our dedicated in-house installation team possesses the expertise and proficiency required for laying concrete flooring in diverse commercial and industrial environments.

At the outset of your project, we prioritize collaborative engagement to meticulously address every detail. We are committed to delivering a pragmatic program that seamlessly aligns with your client’s specifications, ensuring flawless execution. Throughout the project lifecycle, safety and efficiency remain paramount, with regular on-site inspections and transparent communication with site teams, contracts managers, and project managers.

Our versatile services encompass a wide array of offerings, including:

  • In-situ concrete for both internal and external ground floors
  • Ground beam installation
  • Installation of Spantherm insulated flooring in office areas
  • Prestressed mezzanine floors for office spaces
  • Dock leveller installation
  • Construction of car parks
  • Precast concrete Rapidcore stairs and lift shafts
Creagh Concrete

Moreover, our flooring solutions adhere rigorously to industry standards, compliant with both the TR34 and EN15620 benchmarks, ensuring uncompromising quality and regulatory adherence.

With our extensive expertise and comprehensive offerings, rest assured your project will be delivered to the highest standards, meeting all safety protocols and project timelines with precision.

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