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Spantherm thermally efficient flooring is being used at a new housing development in Stapleford, Nottingham and the developer is delighted with the results!

Another satisfied Spantherm Customer in Nottingham

Malcolm Flinn, Director of Stapleford Oaks Ltd, states “I chose Spantherm because it’s labour saving, has made life easier for me, its quick, efficient and clean.”

Spantherm is an insulated precast concrete flooring system designed specifically for use at ground floor level in residential and small-medium sized commercial projects.  The composite slab combines structural grade reinforced concrete and high performance expanded polystyrene insulation to provide a thermally efficient structural floor.

The initial appeal of Spantherm is clear, as a typical floor on a detached house or a pair of semis is fitted onsite in less than two hours.  Modern methods of construction are moving toward offsite building which is now slashing programme times.

An increasing number of builders in GB are switching from traditional beam and block builds as its significantly reducing labour onsite.  Using Spantherm increases productivity and enhances health and safety onsite. It minimises waste and vehicle movements are reduced, all contributing to overall environmental benefits.

Stapleford Oaks opted for the work to be completed by Creagh’s expert fitting team, requiring no labour from them.  Once in place and grouted, the floor achieves its full structural capability within 72 hours but building activity can commence on perimeter walls within 24 hours.

“I would use Spantherm again because the block and beam method takes so many more men and machines on site and takes a lot longer to lay.  It also leaves a lot of work for the bricklayers to do at floor level.  With Spantherm we are straight in and building off it right away.”

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