Bespoke Frames

"The precast modular frame we offered to our client from Creagh, with its value for money and enhanced performance was very much appealing to our client." - Rudi Moore, Farrans Construction

Creagh manufacture precast floors, columns and beams as part of a total precast frame solution or as part of hybrid in situ concrete schemes.

These are manufactured offsite which results in a higher quality more cost efficient product and reduced site programme times.

As this is a bespoke product, we can produce various profiles of beams and columns manufactured to suit the project requirements.

Columns are available in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes, can be circular or square and are designed to incorporate any additional features or fittings. Flooring comes in a range of options from economy, to deluxe with high quality exposed soffits.

Floor units can incorporate embedded pipework. The exposed soffit of the unit is activated, providing heating and cooling, using minimum energy, providing maximum comfort to large commercial buildings. The overall structure is also much more energy efficient using the thermal mass of the concrete to heat or cool the building.

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Single storey columns are generally 2.5m – 4m high. Beams bear directly on top of these units with a dowelled connection between them. Multi storey columns are cast with corbels or alternative connections at locations to suit the beams at intermediate levels. Projecting rebar can be provided for tying in to in situ floors. Options for foundation connections include cast in base plates, dowel tubes or projecting bars.

We now use a CEM II-A-L cement replacement which has significant reduction in Embodied carbon, helping us further achieve our sustainability goals.


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